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Published: 06th October 2008
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Worldwide, people earn money taking online surveys for cash. It is one of the more popular means of making money online, but be careful, since without paid online surveys advice you can end up very disappointed.

Getting paid for online surveys seems like an easy way to make money, and getting paid money for surveys has indeed become a popular means of making money online. However, there are one or two truths you need to know, and also some tips to help you earn money taking online surveys to maximum effect. You will be able to make money taking surveys, but keep these factors in mind:


Don't expect to make a fortune from paid online surveys. This will not be the basis of anybody's online home business, but more of a means of making a reasonable amount of pocket money. You can make money taking surveys, and you will read about promises of up to $200 an hour, and $2,000 a day, but forget that. No doubt somebody might make that with a unique survey program that they found, but your average will be nearer $2 - $5 a survey.

You can work it out yourself from there. Each survey takes on average around 10 minutes to complete, so if you work for a morning a day, say 8 till midday, then you can complete 5 surveys and hour, earning you an average of $17.50 an hour so each morning you will earn four times that, or $70. If you do that 6 days a week, then you can earn around $1700 monthly. With a little experience, that 10 minutes can often be cut to 5.

It's not a fortune, but that's for only 4 hours a day, six days a week. Work 8 hours and it amounts to $3,400. That is an average figure, but many earn more than that by being selective and registering with several online paid survey programs. If you take it really seriously, and seek out the best paying surveys, it is possible to make a lot more than that, and the $200 an hour advertised could possibly become a reality ($288,000 monthly), but that's for the experienced!

However, it shows what can be done by some and with the right programs. I haven't done it, but I have read about it online. Don't get your head turned because you will not earn that - not until you have spent a while learning the basics, and that will take a year or two.


To start to earn money taking online surveys for cash, you have to find a good paid survey directory. These will offer a variety of paid online surveys, and while some will pay cash for surveys, others will offer you free goods for surveys. Don't let free goods put you off, because you can sell these on eBay often making more money that way than if you got paid cash for surveys.

So, register with a recognized survey directory first: that could cost you anything up to $50, but if you pay then you are being taken to the cleaners! There are sites that offer you surveys without you having to pay. You can then choose the surveys you want to take from these. They are not over-advertised because those promoting them have little to gain. However, free paid online survey directories are available if you know where to look for them, and don't expect an online search engine search to find them for you, because 'free' isn't always free!


a) Never use your regular email address for your surveys. Open up a new address with Yahoo, Techemail or Gmail. You could receive a lot of emails when you get really deeply into this, and you want to keep your personal email address for personal emails. You can even set up a new email address for each survey group with which you register. It is free to open up these email addresses for your cash surveys. When you start to make money taking surveys, you will get a lot of emails (hopefully telling you how much you are making from your paid surveys).

b) Some will be cash surveys, and some for prize draws. Make sure that you register for a directory that offers mainly paid surveys, and the occasional prize draw, because you could get lucky. However, you still need the cash survey for a regular income. Nevertheless, it's fun to enter a draw survey now and again, so go for a mix.

c) You will come across the message "You do not Qualify for this Survey" now and again. It happens to everybody. Take a note of the survey site and don't use it again. It is due either to your post code, country, age, sex or some other information you provided at the start of the survey, so don't take it personally.

d) Always be truthful with any profile you are asked to provide - if you are not, then the paid survey you have to complete could be irrelevant to you.

e) You will need some form of password maintenance, since you could be registering for 50+ online cash survey sites eventually. If you want to earn money taking online paid surveys seriously, than a few dollars for password and login protection, security and maintenance is well worth the $20 or less it will cost.


A lot of people earn money taking online surveys, but look out for free online paid surveys; free surveys can be just as profitable as paid ones and they cost you nothing. Getting paid for online surveys can be very profitable if you set about it the right way, but target the cash surveys available online and use the draws as an amusement to find out how lucky you are.

Draws for gifts are OK as a sideline, but your main focus, if you want to earn money taking online surveys, must be on paid surveys, or cash surveys. These are what will be earning you the bulk of your income, and if you are getting paid for online surveys then you want it to be in cash and not in the chance of winning draw for a vacation. Good luck!

Earn money taking online surveys by using a good paid survey directory, such as the Global Survey Group in the USA: this ticks all of the above boxes and even pays you to join! UK visitors can get free registration to Valued Opinion which costs nothing to join.

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